Our lawyers have years of experience aiding clients with debt collection matters.

Whether you have loaned money and are not being repaid, or you have provided services without payment, we are prepared to assist you with your collection matter. We have helped numerous creditors collect outstanding debts through court actions, garnishing orders, writs of seizure, writs of possession, examinations in aid of execution, payment hearings, subpoenas to debtors, the registration of judgments, the use of receivers and the seizure and sale of assets. Where appropriate, we will also aid clients with the filing of liens against land or assets.

We have experience handling foreclosure matters from start to finish. As obtaining the reimbursement of legal costs in foreclosure matters is often limited, we strive to provide lenders with cost-effective legal representation from judgment on an Order Nisi to an order approving a sale of land. We have successfully represented numerous lenders through the foreclosure process.

If you have a judgment in a foreign jurisdiction, we have experience advising you on how to enforce that judgment in British Columbia. We can advise you of your options and on what steps are available to you to registered and enforce your judgment in British Columbia.

Additionally, our lawyers have experience advising debtors regarding their creditors. We regularly assist debtors through negotiation, and where necessary, representing them in court.

Whether you are a creditor, or a debtor, we will work with you to find the most cost-effective solution to your collection matter. Please contact us today.