The lawyers at Sorensen Smith LLP have advised a wide range of clients on matters related to construction dispute and builders liens.

Whether you are dealing with deficient or defective work or perhaps construction delays, we are prepared to assist you.

We also regularly represent clients who have not been paid for their work. If you haven’t been paid for your work, we can advise you on cost-effective solutions to seek repayment and advise you on how to maximize your recovery.

We also regularly assist clients with the filing and removal of builders liens according to the Builders Lien Act. If you are considering the filing of a builders lien, you should act quickly. There are short timelines in which a builders lien must be filed, and if those timelines are not followed, the security for a claim can be lost. Even after a builders lien has been filed, there are timelines for commencing a court proceeding and filing a Certificate of Pending Litigation.

If you find yourself dealing with a construction claim or builders lien matter, contact us today for a consultation.