The lawyers at Sorensen Smith LLP have years of experience advising both employees and employers with respect to issues relating to employment. Whether you are dealing with a wrongful dismissal claim, a constructive dismissal or an issue that has arisen during employment, our lawyers are ready to help you.

Perhaps you are an employee, whose employment has recently ended, and you want to know your rights, or you are an employer dealing with a problem employee; if you are not sure of your rights and obligations, our knowledgeable counsel are prepared to advise you on your options and duties.

Our lawyers are also experienced at

  • Drafting employment contracts, that include non-competition clauses, non-solicitation clauses, confidentiality provisions, non-disclosure agreements, severance limits and stock options;
  • Writing detailed workplace policies and policy manuals
  • Advising clients on their rights and responsibilities related to their employment, human rights and accommodation issues, health and safety standards, benefits and pension plans
  • Preparing and interpreting workplace policies
  • Conducting training and workplace investigations, in the areas of fraud, human rights and harassment
  • Litigating at all levels of court and various administrative tribunals with respect to wrongful dismissals, constructive dismissals, just cause dismissals, human rights, labour relations, employment standards, Worksafe (workers compensation) and occupational health and safety

Our lawyers have successfully represented clients on employment related matters before the courts, the Employment Standards Branch, the BC Human Rights Tribunal, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, the Workers Compensation Board, the Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal, and the Labour Relations Board.

If you require assistance with an employment related matter, please contact us today to set up an initial consultation.
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