Franchise agreements are usually long complex documents. They are normally one-sided to the benefit of the franchisor (the one granting the franchise). It is not uncommon for disputes to arise as to how a franchise agreement is interpreted or implemented. Franchisees and franchisors often tend to disagree about payments and monies and with respect to the operations of the franchise.Further, disputes often arise when a franchise ceases operations. Franchise disputes can be difficult to navigate without the assistance of legal counsel.

The legal landscape with respect to franchises is about to change. In February of 2017 British Columbia will bring a new Franchises Act into force, which will increase the protections available to franchisees. The new legislation requires franchisors to provide additional disclosure regarding franchises to potential franchisees. The new law will also give franchise owners who feel that they’ve been wronged by the franchise operators additional options for seeking compensation.

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