Our lawyers have significant experience advising clients on strata matters and disputes between neighbours.

The Strata Property Act governs most Strata Corporations in British Columbia. Unfortunately, many strata corporations and developers find it difficult to understand and comply with the Act. We can help advise you on these matters, and how to reach appropriate solutions.

Owners of property within a strata plan must pay strata fees to the strata corporation. Where strata fees are not paid, strata corporations can file a lien on the Property, and even pursue a foreclosure of the property. We have successfully represented strata corporations in collecting strata fees. From filing a lien to seeking a sale of the subject property, our lawyers are prepared to advise you.

Many individuals often find themselves dissatisfied with the decisions or governance of their Strata Corporation. At the same time, most individuals are unaware of the options available to them under the Strata Property Act. Clients often have options available to them to dispute decisions of the Strata Corporation. Our lawyers can advise you on those options.

Poetry may say that “good fences make good neighbours” – unfortunately, in practice, good fences frequently are not enough to make good neighbours. Disputes between neighbours can arise from the use of land, construction, noise, odours, and the flow of water, spills or easements. We have advised numerous clients on matters related to their neighbours – whether the neighbour in question is residential, commercial or institutional, we can help you.

If you require assistance with a strata or neighbour dispute, please contact us today to set up an initial consultation.